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  • UFC Statement on Davey Grant
    "Due to a medical issue involving bantamweight athlete Davey Grant, the scheduled bout against Manny Bermudez has been cancelled. UFC FIGHT NIGHT: THOMPSON vs. TILL on Sunday, May 27, will proceed with 11 bouts.” Read the Full Article Here
  • Breese: 'I feel rejuvenated'
    Anyone who has visited a live UFC event in their lifetime can tell you how electric the arena feels in the moments leading up to the night’s first fight. As catchy tunes blast through the building, preview videos flicker across the screens and minutes trickle down the clock, anticipation of what the men and women behind the scenes are about to do to each other gradually turns into a tickling sensation reaching head to toe. That was the case when, in March 2017, thousands of fans had filled London’s renowned O2 Arena, anticipating the spectacular night of fights that was to unfold ... Read the Full Article Here
  • Till admits even he doesn't know where his self-belief comes from
    Before Darren Till soared up the welterweight ladder and into a main event slot in his hometown of Liverpool against Stephen Thompson this Sunday, there were Terry Etim, Paul Taylor, Paul Sass, Mark Scanlon and Jason Tan. All represented the city in the UFC, making it a hotbed for British MMA and a place where a dreamer could dream, as long as he or she worked hard and believed.Till was a dreamer, a believer and a doer. He was a teenager who liked to scrap and had the tools to do so on more than just a local level. And as he trained in Colin Heron’s Kaobon Gym, he watched those who wer ... Read the Full Article Here
  • AirAsia launches UFC branded livery to celebrate partnership
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – UFC®, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, and AirAsia, sponsor of UFC and presenting sponsor of UFC® FIGHT NIGHT SINGAPORE: COWBOY VS EDWARDS presented by AirAsia, today launched the first UFC – branded livery on an AirAsia Airbus A330-300. The aircraft is the first of its kind in the world to feature UFC branding and is sure to capture the attention of travelers all over the world. “This exemplary partnership between UFC and AirAsia is a testament to the passion behind these two inspiring brands.” said UFC Vice ... Read the Full Article Here
  • Liverpool: Fight by Fight Preview
    STEPHEN THOMPSON VS DARREN TILLI can’t wait to hear how loud the crowd at Echo Arena will get on Sunday when Darren Till makes the walk to the Octagon to face Stephen Thompson. But will they still have something to cheer about at the end of the night? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Thompson feasts on opponents who are overly aggressive and Till certainly fits that description. But, the good news is that Till is also a huge welterweight, and if he can dodge some incoming fire and make this a war on the inside, he’s got the strength and power to co ... Read the Full Article Here


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