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Tim Radcliffe

 Name: Tim Radcliffe

 Fight Name: Clark Kent

 Weight Category: Lightweight

 Team: Nova Forca

 Total Fights: 16
 Pro MMA Record: 12-4-0

 Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)

 Gender: Male
 Country: United Kingdom

 City: London 


I started training Martial Arts seriously when I was young with Iain Armstrong at Nam Yang. This was a foundation in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Boxing. It was from the training in San Da that I really got a taste for competitive fighting.

Jimmy Manuwa

Jimmy Manuwa - MMA Fighter

 Name: Jimi Manuwa

 Fight Name: Poster Boy

 Weight Category: Light Heavy weight

 Team: Nova Forca, Spartan, 187

 Total Fights: 10

 Pro MMA Record: 13-0-0

 Weight: 93 kg (205lbs)

 Gender: Male

 Country: United Kingdom

 City: London


I got into MMA after one of my closest mates, Kym Farid, had been training for a couple of years. I took an immediate liking to it, but at the time was still heavily into weight training. I tried training with Kym, but was blowing after 2 minutes! The turning point came in December 2007.

Lakhwinder Sekhon

Name: Lakhwinder Sekhon

Fight Name: Lightening 

Weight Category: Featherweight

Team: Nova Forca

Total Fights: 5

Pro MMA Record: 5-0-0

Weight: 66.22kg (146 lbs)

Gender: Male

Country: United Kingdom / India

City: London


Edgelson Lua

 Name: Edgelson Lua

 Fight Name: Edge

 Weight Category: Welterweight

 Team: DKK, Nova Forca, Titan

 Total Fights: 11

 Pro MMA Record: 06-7-0

 Weight: 77 kg (169 lbs)

 Gender: Male

 Country: United Kingdom

 City: London


His cage-fighting debut took place in November 2008 and his first three fights saw him deliver two impressive knockouts - one with each hand.

Nathaniel Wood

 Name: Nathaniel Wood

 Fight Name: Prospect

 Weight Category: Featherweight

 Team: Nova Forca

 Total Fights: 2

 Pro MMA Record: 1-0-0

 Weight: 62kg (136 lbs)

 Gender: Male

 Country: United Kingdom

 City: London


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